WRECKED by Jeannine Colette

 New Adult Contemporary Romance


Take one sexy bartender. Add a badass cop. A splash of sweet, that's me. One sour, that's him... and serve over ice.

That’s how you’ll get to my current situation.

You know the girl - the one who commands the scene, bottle of liquor in hand, pouring liquid fire into the willing throats of patrons as they let loose at the local bar?

That's me.

I may be known as the town party girl, but in reality I'm this close to my dream of opening my own bar - McConaugheys. Yes, it will be named after the acclaimed actor. What can I say? I’m a sucker for that sexy Texan.

Everything was going as planned until the night I had a few drinks and accepted a ride home from a friend. A misunderstanding leads to an arrest, and now I'm at the mercy of the one man I can’t stand, and trust me, the feeling is definitely mutual.

Adam Reingold is six-feet-tall and built like a stallion -- the man is the epitome of male. He also happens to be the town narc and hates my guts. There’s a story to our past and it's not a pretty one.

So, now, here I am, chained to him for the summer like a hardened criminal, doing whatever he tells me to do. Problem is, I can’t help but look at him when he’s not watching and wonder what our future could be like if things were different.

There are so many reasons why he’s all wrong for me. Even more reasons why I need to stay away from him.

It’s a cocktail of trouble. Best served shaken, not stirred.

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The Abandon Collection

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About Jeannine Colette

Jeannine Colette is the author of the ABANDON COLLECTION – A series of stand-alone novels featuring dynamic heroines who have to abandon their reality in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way.

A graduate of Wagner College and the New York Film Academy, Jeannine went on to become a Segment Producer for television shows on CBS and NBC. She is now a full-time author who spends her days at Starbucks, writing and listening to way too much Snow Patrol. She lives in New York with her husband, the three tiny people she adores more than life itself, and a rescue pup named Wrigley.

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Review by Dusty:

I'm smitten. Smitten I tell ya! This was my first book by Jeannine Colette but it definitely isn't my last. The feels I got from this book blew me away. It is beautifully written and keeps you longing for the next word.

Leah Paige is a small town girl who has big plans for the bar she is buying. She has worked there since high school and has dreams of renaming it McConaughey's. Lol! She is known in town to be the "party girl" and she doesn't want anyone to know her plans......
She was involved in an incident that lands her in jail.

Adam Reingold, Leah's former best friend in high school, is a by the book police officer. He is on a mission to clean up his community and he doesn't let much slide by him. So expect him to be especially tough on Leah.
I absolutely loved his character. Nothing better than an honest and caring man with a stubborn side, and Adam has all of that!

I truly loved the way we got flashbacks to their friendship in high school. It really helped connect me even more to Leah and Adam.

If you are looking for a sweet, sassy, stubborn at times, angsty, small town contemporary romance, look no further! This one checks all those must read boxes.