Perfect by Kady Hunt -Review


SEX. LIES. SECRETS. DECEPTION. #hashtag is a New Adult Romance about a group of friends who become trapped in a world of Lies, Sex and Deception. But when their love lives get tangled in the mess, they must find a way to fight the danger that surrounds them without hurting the person they are really, truly in love with and sometimes that means making sacrifices. When you don’t know who’s lying and who isn’t, and when the lines of good and bad start to blur, will the friends be able to bury their secrets before the secrets bury them all? And how will they survive the online tabloid #HASHTAG that seems hell bent on divulging the very secrets the friends are trying to protect? No one knows the true identity of the person they call #HT but it seems as though #HT is a little too focused on scandalizing the friends and revealing these secrets at the most inopportune times. Book One Blurb Holden Danvers is the bad boy. The guy everyone warns you not to fall in love with. At twenty-two, he is a trust fund baby, rich enough to live his entire life without having to work and he uses that to his advantage. Jamie Crawford can’t even talk to men, let alone have one-night stands. At twenty, she’s still a virgin and no one knows that because who would even believe her? What happens when a seemingly fortuitous rendezvous in a hotel room changes their lives forever? And when Jamie realizes she’s falling for a guy she shouldn’t be falling for in a million years? What happens when secrets unfold, and when lies and deception become their world?


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