Thank You to the Authors!

I wanted to write a post to all the authors out there that give us what we crave. To the authors that create our book boyfriends that we swoon after. To all the authors that rip us apart only to sew us back up.

I think most of us take for granted the amount of time authors spend writing, editing, deleting chapters only to start all over and do it again. I don’t think most of us realize the amount of money they spend on covers and promoters and publicists in order to get their book out there. I am one of those people that is guilty of complaining of the cheap price we pay to read these masterpieces. I can’t say it will never happen again, but I know where it comes from; and the heart and soul you put into the book is well worth the price. I had a moment of clarity when I realized I was only paying $2.99 for a book that I know should have cost so much more.

 I think one of the best things about being able to read and review books is having that rare opportunity to really be blown away by an author’s talent. I have had that happen twice in a matter of about 7 days. I feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to review the works these artists put out there.
So thank you for your time, patience and ultimately for allowing us to keep a small piece of yourself in the form of your novels.