Poughkeepsie Begins by Debra Anastasia

I received and ARC of this book from the author for my honest review.
Let me start by saying that Debra Anastasia became one of my favorite authors when I read her hilarious book Fire Down Below.  She has a wonderful sense of humor that knows no bounds. 
Poughkeepsie Begins is a completely different genre that completely blew me away.  I was so shocked such a heart-wrenching, emotionally intense story came from her.  This is proof that she is an amazing multifaceted author.
Beckett, Blake and Cole are 3 “brothers”, brought together through horrific circumstance.  This book is the beginning of their stories.  I was taken on a journey that lead me through the pain and suffering that this boys went through.  They become family with a bond that is unbreakable. 
Beckett is the ring leader and the book tells the tale of his whirlwind romance with Candy Cox ( I know, nice name!)  They have such chemistry that can lead to a potentially devastating heartbreak. Candy is the first person to fight for Beckett and push him to be a good man.
This book will stay with me forever.  I have already jumped into Poughkeepsie book 1 because I have to know what happens to these brave boys. 

If you are looking for a story that give you the feels.  This is it.  I advise you all to one-click ASAP.

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