Priest by Sierra Simone

I am not even sure how to start this review.  I had seen so many conversation and reviews regarding this book that I just had to have it.  It came out in June and I waited patiently until I was ready to read it.

The time has come.  I spent the day yesterday entwined in the romance between Poppy & Father Bell.  I can't tell you that I loved this book, because I personally am not even sure.  I am not religious at all, but if I was I would have been offended by a few of the scenes. 

That being said, HOLY SMOKE!  The sex scenes were by far the hottest I have ever read.  Sierra Simone must have one hell of a sex life to come up with this stuff.  I needed a few cold showers just to get through the book. 

I was thankful for the HEA after the stunt Poppy pulled.  I may have lost a tear or 2 during a few chapters... shhh (that will be our secret.) 

This book will not be for everyone.  Looking at past reviews is no help either.  Read at your own risk, but definitely push yourself to read out of your own boundaries.  This novel pushed my boundaries and I am grateful for that. 

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