Under the Moonlight (A Mermaid's Tale) by Ashley Nemer

I grew up loving Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  She had red hair like I did and I connected to her.  I have had a loved of mermaids ever since.  When Ashley Nemer offered me the chance to read her book Under the Moonlight, I was ecstatic!  Also, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

The book features a twist on the history of the Greek Gods (Another of my favorite topics!).  Zara is the daughter of King Triton and her uncle is Poseidon.  On her 22nd birthday she will be forced to make a choice between going on land for love or staying a mermaid.  This story is not your typical fairy tale.  There are some twists and turns and ohh and ahhs.

I will let it slip that this book does contain a HEA ending, which made my heart smile so largely.  Ashley is a great writer with one hell of an imagination.  This was a heartfelt story.

I will be starting another of her books very soon; Blood Purple.  The synopsis had me ready to start it right now!  Too bad I have to adult today, haha!

Meanwhile here are the links for Under the Moonlight.

Goodreads URL: Under the Moonlight on Goodreads

Amazon URL: Under the Moonlight on Amazon

Website for Ashley Nemer to check out all of her books: Ashley's World