Tell Me Why by Nessie Wallace

I have been chatting with Nessie on Facebook for the last few weeks and let me say that she is awesome.  Mom, Grandma and Author; this lady does it all!

When she and I first started chatting she kept telling me how different her story was from the traditional boy meets girl, insta-love stories.  I have read so many I didn't think it would actually be different. (Sorry Ness!)

I was soooo sooo wrong.  I literally messaged her every chapter because my emotions were on a wild roller-coaster.  Laughing, crying, worry; you name it I felt it. 

Every character stole my heart and I cannot wait to see the rest of the stories she puts out with the crew.

Jenna is a 17yr old that meets tragedy, turmoil and hardship.  Bryson is in college and acts like a bastard (excuse my language).  The circumstances and story is original and I was really sad to finish the book.  

I am giving away 3 copies because, this story deserves to be shared.  

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 Note to Author:  Thank you so much for supporting my blog and for being there to talk to.  Thank you for introducing me to your story!  XOXO