Billionaire with a Twist (book1) by Lila Monroe

So I won a copy of this book from the lovely Lila Monroe on Facebook.  I had yet to read anything she had written so I went into this book completely blind.  After my last read, I needed a book that would make me laugh and feel good.  This was definitely it.

Ally works for an ad company and Hunter Knox owns the Bourbon company needing some new advertisement.. Their relationship is strictly professional.  LOL!  We all know how that goes when you have two sexy characters.  Ally is all about making her own way though and stops anything before it has a chance to start, and she is hurting because of her choice.  This book has a cliffhanger that will make your jaw drop!

This is a 3 part series, and book two comes out on September 18, 2015.  I can't wait!  I need to know what happens next.  Lila is hilarious and her word choices had me cracking up.

I <3 my billionaires!

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